Gender Identity / Transgender Services

I focus on Transgender, Gender Queer and Gender Non-conforming individuals as an advocate and a therapist. I am an Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender specialist in the King County mental health system. 

I support an Informed Consent model to support Trans* people.

I help trans*/gender non-conforming individuals advocate for themselves when working with health care providers.  In the Seattle area there are many wonderful doctors who work with the trans* community.  Please consult your local community recourses to research these providers.  

Before you contact me to schedule an appointment, please read the "How it Works" page from the ICATH Website:

I love being a therapist and working with people in a counseling setting.  However I don't think anyone should have to get a letter of permission from me or any other therapist to get their gender-affirming needs met.  Your provider may recognize your right to make an informed decision about your body and the resources from the ICATH website may be very helpful for your self-advocacy.

I believe it is wrong to require transgender people to go to therapy to prove they are mentally competent enough to make decisions regarding their own health care.  No one else has to do this and I think it is oppressive and transphobic to mandate counseling sessions for trans* people.

In the last few years there has been amazing organizing around insurance companies and their policy exclusions regarding gender confirming care.  Many insurance companies are now starting to reimburse for gender afirming care, such as hormones and surgeries.  You may need a letter written from one or maybe two mental health professionals to submit to your insurance company if you have transgender inclusion in your policy.  This means you may have to pay for several "therapy" sessions in order to get an "eligibility" letter to send to your insurance provider.  I think that this is an oppressive practice and a prime example of economic injustice.  Why do trans* people have to pay more to get the health care they need?  I am currently working with many consumers to advocate for their right to get their medical needs met without having to pay for extra services they do not want.  

However, if you feel you want support around making decisions about your identity, please contact me!  I think I am very helpful for those seeking therapy around identity, oppression, historical trauma and many other emotional or mental health challenges.

I also train other providers, agencies and institutions in this important and identity-affirming Standard of Care.  Please click the link to website below to learn more about the ICATH Standard of Care.

Some really great providers to contact if you are looking for great medical care:

Cedar River Clinics

Capitol Hill Medical 

The Poly Clinic

Queen Anne Medical Associates

For more information about how Informed Consent works please see this website.